Home Economics in brief

Home Economics in brief :

(Home Economics) was established as a department within the Faculty of Economics & Administration which is the Home Economics Eeducation in the 2nd semester of the academic year (1401H), then officially at the 7th meeting of the University Council for the academic year (1403H), the Home Economics Department for undergraduate students was established as a separate entity. In the year (1403H) the General Conference of Home Economics at the national level of Saudi Arabia announced the foundation of six departments including: Home Economics Education, Family and Child Development, Housing and Home Management, Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, and lastly the Islamic Arts Education. Then in the year (1412H) the Family and Child Development is reformed to the Department of Childhood Studies.

To keep up with knowledge evolution and new trends of scientific research, all departments develop their study plans in accordance with labor market needs and society transformation; all developed academic plans have been approved in the first semester of the (1427/1428AH). It was a remarkable point in the history of the Faculty of Home Economics which is the approval of master programs for all departments in the first semester of (1412AH), was the first graduates were the college master's degree.

The Faculty of (Home Economics) take its first leading steps and join the faculties of King Abdulaziz University, issued by the administrative decision No. (3198/S) restructuring departments of home economics to become the Faculty of Home Economics dated (02/22/1435 AH) praise of Allah and the infinite, after a long history full of achievement and excellence, the Faculty celebrate a remarkable turn point in its history combining the building blocks of the academic departments to form a unit that serve society better.

The Faculty of (Home Economics) has a leading role among Saudi universities specialties occupying faculty members with diverse specialties recognized at the kingdom level. It is highlighted with the academic and research activities during the first symposium of the Home Economics (held on1999)and the second symposium of Home Economics (held on 2004) , in addition to the lead in the establishment of the central laboratories in the female section represented in Childhood Center, which provides training services, research and practical for students and faculty of the Department of Childhood Studies, the (productivity unit) the department of clothing and textiles, and (Arts and Graphics) at the Department of Islamic Art. One of the highest expectations of future is to get accreditation for programs and open new tracks of disciplines in undergraduate and graduate programs and starts PhD programs at all departments.

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